Classic Lashes:

  • Full Set-$120
  • 1 Week Fill-$45
  • 2 Week Fill-$65

Hybrid Lashes:

  • Full Set-$145
  • 1 Week Fill-$55
  • 2 Week Fill-$75

Volume Lashes:

  • Full Set-$165
  • 1 Week Fill-$65
  • 2 Week Fill-$85

Mega Volume Lashes:

  • Full Set-$185
  • 1 Week Fill-$75
  • 2 Week Fill-$95

Upgrades To A Different Set

  • Ex: Classic Fill To A Hybrid Fill $20

Add Ons

  • Colored Lashes-$10+
  • Under Layer Colored Lashes-$20+
  • Glitter Lashes-$10 per 2 lashes
  • Lash Charms-$10 per charm

After Hours Appointments: Saturday-Sunday & anytime after 7:30PM will be $15 for fills and $30 for full sets


  • Brow Wax: $15
  • Brow Tweeze: $10
  • Lip Wax: $10
  • Sideburn Wax: $18
  • Chin Wax: $10
  • Full Face Wax: $45
  • Stomach Strip: $15
  • Underarm Wax: $20
  • Arm Wax: $35
  • Underarm & Arm Wax: $50
  • Full Stomach: $35

Tinting & Lifting Services

  • Lash Lift & Tint: $110
  • Bottom Lash Tint: $20
  • Top LashTint:$25
  • Brow Henna: $30
  • Faux Freckles With Henna: $50

Tiny Tattoos (Coming Soon Fall 2022)

  • Prices Will Vary On Piece

Permanent Makeup Services

  • Powder Brows: $300
  • Powder brow Touch-Up: $150+
  • Lip Blush: $300
  • Lip Blush Touch-Up: $150+
  • Faux Freckles: $250+
  • Faux Freckle Touch-Up: $150+


9:00 AM–6:00 PM

  • General Policies

    • Clients MUST leave a card on file in order to book ANY service. Without a card you will not be scheduled/ your appointment will be cancelled until there is one on file. (Yes, this includes if you plan on paying cash, or venmo)
    • There will be a $20 NON-REUNDABLE DEPOSIT that must be sent prior to booking any appointment. This includes fills. The deposit can be transferred to each service to hold your appointment, and can be used towards your service, or recycled for your next one scheduled.
    • You will be expected to completely fill out any and all consent forms needed PRIOR to the service
    • You must arrive ON TIME or earlier for your appointment. 
    • There are NO REFUNDS of any kind.

Late Policies

    • If you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment it will be cancelled.
    • You must call ahead and advise me that you will be late then we can discuss rescheduling your appointment.
    • After 5 minutes; if you do not call/text I will assume you are not coming and your appointment will be cancelled. You MUST call prior.
    • Your card will be charged the whole service if you are more than 10 minutes late and have to reschedule your appointment. This is considered a NO SHOW.
    • Once you are late; if the appointment won’t be rescheduled and is continued, there is a $20 late fee applied to your service. No Acceptions.